How does Golden Rice Hyderabadi Biryani prepare authentic Indian food?

The preparation and cooking are of Hyderabadi Biryani way which is by steaming.

Our ingredients use quality herbs and spices, such as black cardamom, green cardamom, nutmeg, mace, saffron, dried rose petals, curd, citrus, fresh coriander leaves, fresh mint leaves to mention a few.

We do not serve pork and beef

We do not serve pork as a respect to Muslim customers and we also do not serve beef to respect Hindus, we use Nutri Fresh for our chicken, local farm for Mutton, and New Zealand for Lamb, however these meats do not have the HALAL certifications as required by the HALAL regulations, thus we do not claim or publish ourselves to be a HALAL Restaurant as we do not carry such seal for passing the local requirements for HALAL SEAL.

Nevertheless, rest assured that we do practice strict food hygiene based on international guidelines of HACCP and local food and hygiene regulations mandated by the local government unit.

As majority of restaurants who serve biryani, not all serve and use meat that has the “HALAL SEAL” but are well received and patronized by Muslim community.

This is not by choosing, we are a start-up small restaurant business and the process of getting the certification is simply beyond our logistics and financial capacity. Also the supply chain of “HALAL CERTIFIED” meats here in the Philippines are not sustainable for a small business like us.

Rest assured that in the future we will lean towards that direction as soon as logistics and financial capacity is within the status of the business.

We respect Muslim cultures, traditions, and religion

We do have a strong Indian and Muslim community as our regular customers, and we do serve and live by a certain level of integrity.

We have travelled and lived in Muslim dominated country for more than a decade and we love the culture and traditions, and most importantly, we respect the religion. We hope that we were able to give clarifications on your concerns regarding our the Indian cuisine we serve on our restaurant.