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Mutton Biryani Set Menu

Our mutton biryani set menu is a big plate of delicious rice with tender mutton cooked together and full of yummy spices. The set also comes with crispy papadums (like Indian crackers) and tasty vegetable samosas. You can enjoy this meal by yourself or share it with friends and family – it’s perfect for any time!

  • Set B – Tipid Mutton: Comes with 1x Papadam and 1x Coke in can.
  • Set D – Barkada Mutton: Comes with 4pcs. Papadam, 2pcs. Samosa Vegetable, 2pc Potato and 1x 1.5-Liter Coke.
  • Set F – Family Mutton: Comes with 8pcs. Papadam, 4pcs Samosa Vegetables, 4pcs. Potato, and 1x 1.5-Liter Coke.

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More About Mutton Biryani Set Menu

Our Mutton Biryani Combo is a delicious Indian feast, perfect for one person or a group! It comes with a big plate of yummy biryani, which is rice and tender mutton cooked together with spices. The biryani is so good, it will warm you up and fill you up! On the side, you get crispy papadums (like Indian crackers) for some crunch and tasty vegetable samosas filled with yummy veggies and spices.

This combo is great for any time! Eat it by yourself for a tasty meal, or share it with friends and family for a fun get-together. No matter what, you’re sure to enjoy the delicious flavors of Indian food!

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