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Mutton Biryani Set Menu

Mutton Biryani Set Menu


Savor the regal taste of Mutton Biryani, a dish that artfully combines spiced, aromatic layers of biryani rice with succulent, tender pieces of mutton at its heart. This culinary masterpiece is perfectly complemented with raita, a cooling yoghurt sauce, and the richly flavored merci ki salan, enhancing the overall dining experience.

  • Set A – Tipid Mutton: Comes with 1x Papadam and 1x Coke in can.
  • Set C – Barkada Mutton: Comes with 4pcs. Papadam, 2pcs. Samosa Vegetable, 2pc Potato and 1x 1.5-Liter Coke.
  • Set E – Family Mutton: Comes with 8pcs. Papadam, 4pcs Samosa Vegetables, 4pcs. Potato, and 1x 1.5-Liter Coke.

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