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Chicken Biryani Set Menu

Chicken Biryani Set Menu


Dive into the world of Chicken Biryani, where every bite is a celebration of distinctive flavors and aromas. This steamed delicacy stands out with its tender chicken, infused with the luxurious essence of saffron, creating a visual and gastronomic appeal.

The secret to its succulence lies in the yoghurt, rendering the meat exceptionally tender, while a hint of lemon adds a tangy zest. Crispy fried onions introduce a sweet crunch, complementing the heat from authentic Hyderabadi spices.

This exquisite Chicken Biryani experience is further enhanced when served with raita, a refreshing yoghurt sauce, and merci ki salan, a rich masala sauce, balancing the flavors perfectly.

  • Set A – Tipid Chicken: Comes with 1x Papadam and 1x Coke in can.
  • Set C – Barkada Chicken: Comes with 4pcs. Papadam, 2pcs. Samosa Vegetable, 2pc Potato and 1x 1.5-Liter Coke.
  • Set E – Family Chicken: Comes with 8pcs. Papadam, 4pcs Samosa Vegetables, 4pcs. Potato, and 1x 1.5-Liter Coke.

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