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Biryani Fried Chicken

Biryani Fried Chicken is our Filipino twist on the classic Indian Biryani. It brings together the crunchy, tasty goodness of fried chicken with the rich, fragrant taste of traditional biryani rice. In this special dish, we layer crispy, seasoned fried chicken over fragrant basmati rice flavored with a mix of biryani spices like saffron, cardamom, cinnamon, and cloves. It’s a blend of textures and flavors that gives a satisfying crunch with every mouthful, making it a delicious and filling meal for any occasion. Enjoy it with raita (yogurt sauce) and merci ki salan (masala sauce) for the perfect dining experience.


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More About Biryani Fried Chicken

Biryani Fried Chicken is a cool spin on the classic biryani, a dish loved by folks worldwide. This version adds the tasty touch of fried chicken, making it both cozy and fancy. First, the chicken gets a yogurt and spice bath, then it’s coated in seasoned flour or batter and deep-fried till it’s a beautiful golden color. The juicy, spicy chicken pieces are then layered with partly cooked basmati rice flavored with biryani spices like saffron for its nice color and smell, cardamom and cinnamon for warmth, and cloves for a bit of spice.

Next, the layers of rice and chicken are cooked together using the ‘dum’ method, where the pot is sealed to let everything steam together, making a flavorful and aromatic treat. The result? A dish where the crunchy chicken matches the soft, yummy rice, creating a delicious combo of flavors. Fresh herbs like mint and cilantro add a zing, while fried onions give a sweet, caramelized touch.

Biryani Fried Chicken is all about taste and texture, a dish for those who love to try new flavors. It’s served with sides like raita, sliced cucumbers, and lemon wedges to balance the rich, yummy rice and crispy chicken. Perfect for get-togethers, parties, or a special family meal, this dish shows how biryani can bring people together over a shared love of awesome food.

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