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Our journey started in 2021 when Richard, a biryani lover, explored various recipes from across the world and brought them together in our menu. Ever since we are now a team of expert chefs from top hotels in UAE serving you the best biryani, Indian dishes and desserts in town.

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The whole meal brought back memories of my first trip to Singapore. The Indian caretaker in my aunt’s residence cooked up a bowl of biryani rice that time. This meal reminded me of it. I always believe that when a meal brings back good memories, it has done its job. I love biryani rice, so I guess this had done an awesome job and back!
Franz The Foodie
Ive been a fan of biryani. Had my fair share from India and in the Philippines. Golden Rice has exceeded our expectations. Flavor, Preparation, TASTE 👍👍👍👍👍
Mark Alegre
Good Authentic Masarap biryani. After trying Biryani from many places in Manila. Finally found a good Biryani restaurant. Making Biryani the way it should be made.
Daniel Wong